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“These weather events are not simply an example of what climate change could bring. They are caused by climate change.” ––James Hansen, NASA Climate Scientist

Long time truth sayer, James Hansen.  

pretty much what I said earlier except from the mouth of an official NASA climate scientist.


A New View Of The Solar System by Michael Benson

1. Mists of Mars

The Valles Marineris on Mars is the largest canyon in the solar system: 2,500 miles long and up to four miles deep. In this image, based on 18 photographs taken by the ESA orbiter Mars Express in 2004, morning fog fills one of its western arms. Benson combined the photos into six composites, then composed them together into a single image.

2.  Jovian Moon

In January 2001, Cassini swept past Jupiter en route to Saturn. As it did, scientists directed the unmanned craft to take a series of photos, some of which captured the transit of the volcanic moon Io at Jupiter’s limb. Benson combined 27 frames into nine composites, which he then stitched together.

3.  Night on Saturn

This image, a mosaic of photographs captured by the Cassiniorbiter in 2006, shows the dark side of Saturn. The planet’s rings, made mainly of ice, are thousands of miles wide but only a mile deep; here they are shown from below. Sunlight filtering through the rings faintly illuminates Saturn’s lower hemisphere, while the upper one is brightly lit by sunlight reflected off the rings’s surface.

4.  Solar Flare

This set of images, also based on the SDO, show a coronal mass ejection. The SDO uses a UV filter. UV light is invisible to the eye, so NASA translated the different wavelengths into colors, which Benson enhanced.


Solar System by Luke Minner and Naomi Wilson


Daisy, The Cutest Little Kitten in the World


Macro Photographs of Dew-Covered Dragonflies and Other Insects by David Chambon

(Source: fyjonstewart)


The Beauty + Biology of our Food by Caren Alpert

Terra Cibus: Food Photographed with A Scanning Electron Microscope 

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Visualization of Dark Matter Streams
credit: Oliver Hahn, Tom Abel, Ralf Käehler

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A sunset at Lycabettus Hill, Athens







An amazing red sunset.